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Chiropractic as alternative medicine

Chiropractic is a profession primarily focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of neuromuscular system changes. It also addresses all disorders that these changes can cause in the nervous system and overall health. The most common issues stem from imbalances in the spine. Chiropractic emplouse manual techniques with specific adjustments to address these issues. The fundamental belief of a chiropractor is that most disorders and changes occurring in our body are due to the interactions between our nervous system and other systems.

Origin of the term chiropractic

The term “chiro” comes from Greek, meaning “hand”. Thus, chiropractic literally translates to “done by hand”. Its main technique involves manual therapy, focusing primarily on spinal manipulations, although it also commonly treats other joints and soft tissues. The traditional foundations of chiropractic are based on the belief that most human body problems and diseases originate from the spine and its developmental defects. These defects, which chiropractors prefer to call subluxations, exert pressure on surrounding nerves and can even block the flow of natural energy in the body. Correcting or improving these disturbances through the nervous system can enhance or completely restore health.

Chiropractic is practiced worldwide and is legally regulated in more than 40 countries. It has been proven to offer endless benefits for our body, enabling us to lead a healthier life and treat many of our ailments.

It is especially recommended for people suffering from back pain (common, simple, or unspecified), neck pain, and headaches (including migraines).

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines chiropractic as “a science, art, and philosophy focused on maximizing the body’s natural potential, allowing it to perform more efficiently”.

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic involves the adjustment of spinal segments affected by vertebral subluxation. Its primary goal is to restore functional normality to the spine, eliminating all changes produced in the nervous system.

Chiropractors use gentle touches on key points, coupled with light and careful pressure on affected joints. These methods are performed on specially designed tables to facilitate corrections in various postures, always in accordance with breathing or specific movements to target the spine, head, or other body parts specifically.

Generally, there are no special requirements to undergo chiropractic adjustment, and it is not associated with serious complications. The only significant requirement is that the treatment is conducted by a trained specialist.

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